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Published in 2011 by Lund Humphries, the monograph is the most comprehensive publication to date on the work of the artist. With an Introduction by Simon Callow and chapters by Andrew Green, Rex Harley, Montserrat Prat, Jacqueline Thalmann, Marly Youmans, Anita Mills, Kathe Koja and Damian Walford Davies. The artist contributes a short biographical chapter.

LKP at Amazon writes:

"We all know the feeling, right? We are tripping over various articles, blogs, websites, and postings -- the images so fleeting, the stimulation hardly has time to set in and become real, and then another key stroke and we are down a different rabbit hole. As an artist, I am very conflicted about all this. True, I make amazing discoveries -- and yet, when hours have passed and I am still "in my pajamas" staring at the screen, my over-riding thought is: "Damn. I could have been in the studio!". So, I restrict my time online, and guard my time zealously. But, one day the gods were especially kind, and I discovered the work of Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Think -- Mood-drenched medieval tapestries, and yet.......thoroughly modern interpretations. Think -- Ancient tales of knights, squires, and woodland creatures, and yet......fresh, contemporary, and poster-esque images. Strong, forceful figures cavort in stunning compositions; surrounded by pattern that might remind you of archival textiles. He engages us in a dance that includes visual references that seem strangely-comforting and familiar (toy theaters of yore, Staffordshire dogs, heavy fringed theatrical drapes) and inserts figures (people, animals, mythic creatures) who are dynamic, fluid, and vital. Inter-weaving "here and now" with "far and away"; this accomplished artist conquers the worlds of Print, Collage, Assemblage, Drawing -- and every work of art has narrative power and visual impact. A master story-teller and generous spirit who shares his passions eagerly. This beautiful, hefty book provided deep insight into the artist, from various viewpoints (including the artist himself) and shows a vast array of work. A lavish banquet indeed!"