University of Southampton Solent by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Arts from Southampton Solent University on Thursday 13 July. The citation at the ceremony was given by Professor Peter Lloyd, director of the School of Art, Design and Fashion.

Photograph, L - R: Professor Graham Baldwin, Vice-Chancellor, Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Alan West, Baron West of Spithead, Chancellor.

Hansel & Gretel, published by Random Spectacular by Clive Hicks-Jenkins


Encouraged by St Jude’s founder, Simon Lewin, Clive Hicks-Jenkins has been riffing on the theme of Hansel & Gretel. His livre d’artiste picture book of the tale recently produced by Random Spectacular, Lewin’s publishing imprint at St Jude’s, sees it playfully reinvented into a folk-horror cautionary tale for the 21st century. Family dysfunction, unhealthy appetites and manslaughter are at the heart of a world in which Liquorice Allsorts are deployed as weapons and gingerbread men bite back. George Romero meets the Brothers Grimm.