Hansel & Gretel at the Barbican / by Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Hansel & Gretel

London premiere at the Milton Court Concert Hall, Barbican, at 7.30pm, October 12th.


Music: Matt Kaner

Words: Simon Armitage

Director and Supervising Designer: Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Produced by Kate Romano for Goldfield Productions

Dramaturgy: Caroline Clegg

Narrator/Singer: Adey Grummet

Puppeteers: Di Ford and Lizzie Wort

Music performed by the Goldfield Ensemble

Puppets: Jan Zalud

Puppet Wardrobe Supervison: Oonagh Creighton-Griffiths

Models and Collage: Phil Cooper

Paper-cuts: Peter Lloyd

Animation: Clive Hicks-Jenkins assisted by Phil Cooper

Model and Animation Camera: Pete Telfer of Culture Colony

Vision Mixer and Stage Camera: Jon Street of the Moth Factory

Lighting Design: David Abra

Stage Management: Andy Shewan

Photograph courtesy of Still Moving Media